The Never-ending Washing Machine Saga

28 03 2012

This has been one crazy month. I flew over 32,000 miles in 34 days, in 10 flights.

Needless to say, I’m EXHAUSTED.

I’m finally home for more than five minutes, and yet, my washing machine saga continues. When I last left you, the part for my washing machine was on order, and I was hopeful that I could get everything taken care of in between my travels. Despite feeling like total garbage after my first trip (the London-Italy-KL trip), I had to spend about six hours at my parents’ house doing laundry. It’s not as bad as it sounds, because they have a comfortable couch, so I set myself up with my laptop and the tv, and realized I didn’t have nudgy puppies bugging me like at home. So it was actually fairly restful.

But three weeks’ worth of laundry, which included virtually everything I own, meant that things were air drying everywhere. I left it all there late that night, and returned the following day to pick it up. Originally, my mom was supposed to be coming to my house to watch the pups, so I figured that she could be on hand to let the washing machine repairman in, so that everything would be right as rain when I returned from trip #2 to Dallas.

She decided it would be easier to watch them at her house instead, so after packing up the clothes I would need, I also packed up the dogs and all of their stuff and trucked them up to north Jersey. Then, it was off to five days in Dallas. The washing machine part had arrived just before I left.

So when I returned, I pretty much called them immediately to schedule my appointment. I’d gotten back to my house on a Sunday, and called Monday morning, saying that I could do any time in the following three days, even though I really wanted to leave by Wednesday afternoon to head BACK to my parents’ – we were leaving from there on Thursday for Germany.

But of course, they couldn’t fit me in until Wednesday. They said the appointment would be in the morning, but when I got the confirmation call, they said between 2-5. Super.

I knew I had to drop the dogs off that day, by four, and I also had to pick up my dry cleaning, which I’d talked the guy into rushing for me, since I needed it for my trip also. I ended up having to drop the dogs off by 1, just to keep that 2-5 window clear. The repairman arrived about two thirty, I gave him the part, and set about cleaning up my house (when the dogs are away, it’s the perfect time to clean!). The repairman sort of fussed about a bit, and then said he needed to check something in his truck…because he wasn’t sure it was the right part.

Yes, you read that right.

They ordered the WRONG part.

Because the appointment wasn’t until Wednesday, I’d already had to head back to my parents’ AGAIN to do more laundry, and now, he’s telling me that he doesn’t have the right part.

He apologized and said they would rush the part, but I pointed out that with me leaving the country, it wouldn’t exactly do me much good. I was super annoyed because here I was AGAIN with no working washing machine, and a few odds and ends to wash. I ended up going back and forth to my parents’ that afternoon/evening three times, finally leaving and locking the door after 11pm. So, not exactly a restful evening before my trip, plus, I’d missed relaxing the night before and spending some time with my pups before their trip to the kennel.


When I got home yesterday from trip #3, there was a message saying that the part had arrived to them this time – they didn’t even tell me where it was shipping, but at least they should check to make sure it’s the correct one. I called this morning AGAIN (after having to figure out that the number the girl left on my answering machine was one digit wrong) and finally booked another appointment for tomorrow. This darn thing better get fixed or someone is getting my wrath!

On the plus side, I am fully unpacked for a change (yay!) and ready to get back into the swing of life at home. My yard is a disaster area, with holes from a certain basset hound who is into digging, weeds taking over the front yard, and the grass high enough in the back to require mowing. We’ve got rain in the forecast for this weekend, but we’ll see if I can sneak in some work in the garden and get things in shape for spring!


Installing a New Showerhead

16 11 2009

When I moved into my house just over a year ago, I was very unhappy with the showerhead in my upstairs shower.  My mom thought it was great, because it has a few different settings, but since it’s plastic, I just thought of it as grody (that’s my favorite word lately for things that I think are gross).  I had a feeling changing out the showerhead would be an easy project, once I got around to doing it, and Bob Vila agreed, rating this as a “beginner” project on his website.  So now that I’m feeling a little better (I had the bronchitis) and was actually home on a weekend, I decided to include this in my to do list for the weekend.

First, I picked up the materials that I would need.  Before you head out to your local store, double check how your current showerhead is attached.  If it’s a square neck, you can use an adjustable wrench, but if it’s a round neck, you’ll need a strap wrench.  Mine was a square neck, so I put an adjustable wrench on my list.  I also needed a showerhead, of course, and was overwhelmed by the choices when I got there.  It’s definitely an individual choice, so after some back and forth, I finally decided on a Moen with three settings.  Another important thing you’ll need is plumbers tape – this is to wrap the threads of the shower stem to keep any water from coming out.  Some showerheads will come with what the guy at Lowe’s called a “baby roll” of plumbers tape (which mine did), but make sure to check before you leave the store. 

Bob Vila also suggests that you take this as an opportunity to replace your shower stem and collar (the handy little metal disk that sits up against the wall) if they’re pitted or corroded.  I didn’t do that this time, but I might in the near future.

When I was ready to start my project, I set out everything I would need and got started.  I’m pretty tall, but I still needed to stand on the sides of the tub to get a good view of the showerhead in order to remove it.  You might want to think about putting a step stool in the tub for more stability. 

Old Showerhead

Here's the old showerhead

The first step is to remove the old showerhead (remembering the old rule “righty tighty, lefty loosey” if you’re like me and always tightening things instead loosening them.  In this case, “lefty” is also counterclockwise).  Once you’ve removed the showerhead, it’s important to remove any traces of plumbers tape or sealant left behind on the threads.  I was able to do this with my fingernails, but I think a good stiff toothbrush would also do the trick if you’re having trouble.  If you are planning to replace the shower stem, check out Bob Vila’s step by step guide here.  He does suggest turning off your water before starting this project, but I didn’t do that, and it wasn’t any trouble.

Once you’ve cleaned off the tape and/or sealant, you’re ready to install the new showerhead. 

Clean shower stem

My shower stem, all cleaned off. You can see it's starting to corrode, so next on my list is replacing the stem

The next step is to wrap the plumbers tape around the exposed threads.  The tape should be wrapped clockwise, twice around the threads.

Wrap tape clockwise around the threads

The tape should be wrapped clockwise around the threads

The tape is not too thick, but I used a pair of scissors to cut it.  You’ll want to have those handy to make it easier!

Finally, it was time to put the new showerhead on!

new showerhead

New showerhead - yay!

Although this part might seem the easiest, it’s also a spot where mistakes can happen.  You want to be sure not to cross-thread the showerhead and shower stem, so carefully align the showerhead and hand-tighten it on to start.  Then, you can tighten it further using your wrench (I again needed the adjustable wrench to tighten this showerhead).


It's all installed!

Finally, you do want to turn the water on at this point to check for any leaks.  Then your new showerhead is ready to use! 

All done

Looks good!