Merry Christmas Eve!!

24 12 2010

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  Christmas eve is actually my favorite part of the whole holiday season, because it’s when we have the best of our traditions – a big family buffet and viewing of White Christmas (usually in our pajamas).  When we were younger, my sisters, my mom, my grandma and I used to dress up and go to Christmas eve Mass at church before coming home for a big buffet made by my dad, which we would eat by the fire.

Things are a bit different now that we’re all adults and my sisters have boyfriends, husbands & children.  Also, since my grandmother was very ill last year, and it’s not advisable for her to leave her house too much in the cold weather.  We still do a big Christmas eve buffet, and whoever can join us comes – I think this year it’s the whole family, which will be lovely.  The food really is great too, including some of my favorites like hot artichoke dip (which I made last year), mini hot dogs in puffed pastry, and more.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

My sister & I stopped going to church several years ago, though my middle sister and my mom go to Christmas morning mass – that might be different this year too, because my middle sister is pregnant with baby #2, and is VERY sick.  Even so, another baby on the way in the family is a nice Christmas present.

We all gather on Christmas eve to eat, watch some White Christmas, and enjoy the tree.  Last year, my niece was big enough to really appreciate the presents and the lights (she had just turned 1), and she opened a few gifts on Christmas eve because my other sister wasn’t going to be able to be there the next day.  Every time she opened a gift, she would open her eyes wide and ooh and ahh like she was going to faint – it was priceless!  We’re hoping for a repeat this year!

Having children around certainly makes the holiday season seem more special and magical – I can’t wait until she really understands about Santa coming next year!  A couple of weeks ago, she spent a couple of hours at my house so that Santa could pick out her gifts, and it was a lot of fun to watch some Christmas specials with her and bake Christmas cookies.  She’s only two, but she’s a good helper.

So I hope all of you have a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas day!  What are some of your traditions?

Barney & I Wish you Merry Christmas!