A Doggy Mom

2 02 2012

In addition to being a handy homeowner girl, I’m also a doggy mom to two basset hound puppies.

Handsome, aren't they?

Barney is a 66-pound three-year-old lap dog, who is happiest when he can sit on the couch and “patrol” the neighborhood…a job he takes VERY seriously.

Oliver is a bouncing puppy at 8 1/2 months and 45 pounds, who, as my mom says is “full of beans” – thus his nickname of “beaner.” He is definitely the crazy, barky, needy one in the house (Barney is more quietly desperate for cuddles), but despite this, Barney is the destroyer of toys.

We’ve got through many a toy here in the last three years, as Barney determinedly rips them to shreds, leaving lonely balls of stuffing in his wake and a little felt ear here and there.

I’m just grateful that they’re not real animals.

But because of this, I’m very careful about Ollie’s “baby.” When I first brought him home, my mom had bought him a little stuffed puppy at the store for his very own (since we already had an unimaginably huge pile of dog toys here).  It stays in his crate with him, and is his first toy. He loves it.

And Barney is determined to “kill” this thing.  He regularly sneaks into Ollie’s crate (usually when I’m on the phone for work), pulls the baby out, and tries to rip it to shreds.

Usually, I catch him before it gets serious. But twice in the last week, we’ve had some severe casualties.  Last week, he tore open the back and almost pulled off it’s tail. I sewed it back together just in time for the pup’s bedtime.

Then yesterday, he ripped its head open.


Ollie was not happy, so, like a kid’s mom, I promised to fix the puppy.  Fortunately, when you’re fixing a dog toy, you can go with function over aesthetics, and I didn’t have to make it look pretty – just seal it up!

All better!

The pups were both worried about what I was doing as I sewed him up, but the little guy was pretty happy to get his “baby” back. I’m currently guarding it on the couch while he climbs headfirst into the basket of toys that Barney tipped over.

You can really see the head damage here, as well as the seam up the back!

So now we’ll have to see how long the baby lasts! He definitely needs a little trip through the washing machine, along with Ollie’s bedding, so hopefully I did a good enough job of stitching him up.

And, lest you worry I have an angry basset hound on my hands, Barney is actually the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. He really is a lover, not a fighter, despite his destruction of toys!

My snuggler


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