The Washing Machine Works!

13 04 2012

I feel like I left you all hanging after my daily updates on my washing machine saga. Work has been crazy busy, and combined with cleaning, planning and doing a few things for the various weddings I’m attending for the rest of the year (three of them!), blogging has not been in the cards. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things again!

So the short version of my story is that the washing machine is finally fixed.

The parts finally came in, and I got a call from the repair company. When they wanted to schedule an appointment, I told them that I wanted the same guy as the last appointment, since he seemed to be the only one who knew what he was doing. Fortunately, that worked out.

He came and took apart the machine again:

Lovely, isn’t it?

He put in a new pressure sensor (down below), which seemed to be what the problem was. Basically, the washing machine wasn’t sensing that it was full, so even once the cycle started to agitate, it would continue to fill the basin. And the result was water everywhere.

He also replaced the load dial, which is how I set the load to small, medium or large. The large cycle wasn’t working at all, and he wasn’t sure if this was having an impact or not, so I he erred on the side of caution.

Once it was done, he finally tested the heck out of it – not like the first guy. He tested every cycle size, ran through a full cycle, and there was NO water. I wasn’t convinced, so he said I should stay home to run the next couple of loads to be sure, but that he was 100% sure that it was fixed.

After cleaning out some of the dust, he put it all back together, and miracle of miracles, it works. No leaking.

The other guys had mentioned to me that there was a lot of lint built up in the dryer itself – you may remember that I’d replaced the hose from the back – and although I always remove the lint screen and clean it after every load in the dryer, I took a look and saw that he was right (about that anyway). So I went crazy with the vacuum and cleaned that all out, and the washer and dryer have been working like gangbusters. I do have to leave the bathroom door open now when I’m running a load though because it gets a little steamy in there between the dryer and washer (if I’m doing a load in hot water).

I’m just glad that it works.

But that’s not entirely the end of my saga. I’m really not happy with the way that it was resolved. When I talked to the tech (the guy who ultimately fixed it), he said that if the first guy had run just a couple more tests when he came out initially, he would have realized that it wasn’t the timer that wasn’t working. So all of this headache might have been avoided if that guy had just done his job.  It took five visits to get this fixed, which is just ridiculous. So I wrote a letter outlining the issue in great detail and sent it off to the appliance repair company. We’ll see how they decide to resolve it.


The Saga Continues…

1 04 2012

I’d like to say that since I was finally home (and relatively illness free) this weekend that I got a ton done around the house…but I’d be lying. After a long week at work, and all of the travel and sleeplessness, insomnia, jet lag, etc. of the last month, I was just plum exhausted. So yesterday was officially a lazy day – I decided that if I woke up and the weather was bad, I’d just be couchbound – and when I woke up, it was 45 and rainy.

Perfect inside weather!

Now, there is plenty I could do inside, and with all the spring-like weather lately, I should be working on some spring cleaning. But instead, I watched my DVR’d shows, took a nice long nap, and worked on some crochet projects. Today was more of the same, although I did get motivated enough to vacuum the whole house, and steam clean the first floor, as well as take all the garbage/recycling outside.

What a difference a little cleaning can make!

I also dropped a load of laundry off at my parents’ because…you guessed it…the washing machine is still not working.

On Friday, the second repair guy arrived (this is the same as the guy who realized they’d ordered the wrong timer), and I was ready to do battle. There was NO way I was paying more money. I’m still pretty fired up about it, because truth be told, if the first guy had said that he wasn’t sure that the timer was the right part, and we’d need to play around, I might have said forget it, and just put the money towards a new washing machine.

But anyway, I stood in the doorway of the bathroom the entire time the guy was here on Friday, as he tested a few things, called in to the engineers, and still couldn’t figure it out. He ordered two more parts (at no cost to me, he said, without me putting up a fuss), and said if I absolutely needed to use the washer, I could. I just have to keep an eye on it.

But while I love cleaning up water all over the floor, and keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not continuing to do damage to the floor, I decided that since I can go over to my parents’ to do laundry, that would be the plan. I’m not in dire need for clean clothes yet – I still have a lot – it’s just that I like to keep on top of the laundry. And of course, when I went to grab the pup yesterday for his walk, he pulled his new trick – he gets so excited about going for a walk (despite my remaining very calm about it all and forcing him to sit before I put the leash on) that he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He runs around, seemingly forgetting that the longer he races around, the longer it is before he’s able to go out on said walk.

So lately, he’s been jumping up on the couch and laying down, as if to show me what a good boy he’s being (he did the same thing when I would tell him he’s going in the crate when he was being naughty as a little(er) guy). But he’s got this nervous habit – if he’s lying down, and you go to touch him (pet him, put the leash on, whatever), he pees.

Unless he’s just been outside and fully emptied his bladder, which rarely happens.

It’s not technically an accident, because it’s just an excited/nervous thing he does. But it’s really annoying. And he did it yesterday on the couch’s slip cover. So that’s one thing that NEEDED to be washed, and that was the first load to go in at my parents’. Oh Oliver.

It’s also the reason I need to borrow their carpet steam cleaner again. But that’s a story for another time.

Although next weekend is Easter weekend, and I’m going to be away on Friday night (because a friend from high school is making her Broadway debut in Leap of Faith, how cool!), I’m hoping to be well-rested enough to get some outdoor projects started…i.e. a yard cleanup, thanks also to a little munchkin who loves to dig! And keep your fingers crossed that over the next few days, my washing machine will ACTUALLY get fixed!

And it’s No Longer Funny…

29 03 2012

Surprisingly, my washing machine saga is NOT concluded today.

The repairman showed up at 8:20 (which I wasn’t expecting), and after a few minutes of tinkering declared that the washing machine had been repaired.

He came in with the timer, and after he left, I noticed that the timer in the box that he left behind looked awfully new. Hmm.

He also said to me “I’m surprised this wasn’t done already.” And I explained about the wrong timer being ordered – I think he was just trying to cover himself by pretending he didn’t know about that. I let it go.

So I was excited to get started on laundering all my clothes from traveling. I started with a cold wash with my jeans, and lo and behold, the washer leaked.

So do I believe that he “tested” the washing machine after “fixing” it? No, I do not.

I called them right away, and they’re sending someone out tomorrow morning. They had better think twice about charging me because I’m about thisclose to telling someone off. Not for nothing, but this has been an expensive process for me, and it should also have been a relatively simple one for them.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

The Never-ending Washing Machine Saga

28 03 2012

This has been one crazy month. I flew over 32,000 miles in 34 days, in 10 flights.

Needless to say, I’m EXHAUSTED.

I’m finally home for more than five minutes, and yet, my washing machine saga continues. When I last left you, the part for my washing machine was on order, and I was hopeful that I could get everything taken care of in between my travels. Despite feeling like total garbage after my first trip (the London-Italy-KL trip), I had to spend about six hours at my parents’ house doing laundry. It’s not as bad as it sounds, because they have a comfortable couch, so I set myself up with my laptop and the tv, and realized I didn’t have nudgy puppies bugging me like at home. So it was actually fairly restful.

But three weeks’ worth of laundry, which included virtually everything I own, meant that things were air drying everywhere. I left it all there late that night, and returned the following day to pick it up. Originally, my mom was supposed to be coming to my house to watch the pups, so I figured that she could be on hand to let the washing machine repairman in, so that everything would be right as rain when I returned from trip #2 to Dallas.

She decided it would be easier to watch them at her house instead, so after packing up the clothes I would need, I also packed up the dogs and all of their stuff and trucked them up to north Jersey. Then, it was off to five days in Dallas. The washing machine part had arrived just before I left.

So when I returned, I pretty much called them immediately to schedule my appointment. I’d gotten back to my house on a Sunday, and called Monday morning, saying that I could do any time in the following three days, even though I really wanted to leave by Wednesday afternoon to head BACK to my parents’ – we were leaving from there on Thursday for Germany.

But of course, they couldn’t fit me in until Wednesday. They said the appointment would be in the morning, but when I got the confirmation call, they said between 2-5. Super.

I knew I had to drop the dogs off that day, by four, and I also had to pick up my dry cleaning, which I’d talked the guy into rushing for me, since I needed it for my trip also. I ended up having to drop the dogs off by 1, just to keep that 2-5 window clear. The repairman arrived about two thirty, I gave him the part, and set about cleaning up my house (when the dogs are away, it’s the perfect time to clean!). The repairman sort of fussed about a bit, and then said he needed to check something in his truck…because he wasn’t sure it was the right part.

Yes, you read that right.

They ordered the WRONG part.

Because the appointment wasn’t until Wednesday, I’d already had to head back to my parents’ AGAIN to do more laundry, and now, he’s telling me that he doesn’t have the right part.

He apologized and said they would rush the part, but I pointed out that with me leaving the country, it wouldn’t exactly do me much good. I was super annoyed because here I was AGAIN with no working washing machine, and a few odds and ends to wash. I ended up going back and forth to my parents’ that afternoon/evening three times, finally leaving and locking the door after 11pm. So, not exactly a restful evening before my trip, plus, I’d missed relaxing the night before and spending some time with my pups before their trip to the kennel.


When I got home yesterday from trip #3, there was a message saying that the part had arrived to them this time – they didn’t even tell me where it was shipping, but at least they should check to make sure it’s the correct one. I called this morning AGAIN (after having to figure out that the number the girl left on my answering machine was one digit wrong) and finally booked another appointment for tomorrow. This darn thing better get fixed or someone is getting my wrath!

On the plus side, I am fully unpacked for a change (yay!) and ready to get back into the swing of life at home. My yard is a disaster area, with holes from a certain basset hound who is into digging, weeds taking over the front yard, and the grass high enough in the back to require mowing. We’ve got rain in the forecast for this weekend, but we’ll see if I can sneak in some work in the garden and get things in shape for spring!

The Washing Machine Saga Continues…

10 03 2012

So, as much as I wanted to put off dealing with my leaking washing machine, I decided to go ahead with contacting a repairman. I brought the bronchitis back with me from my trip, and have been steadily feeling worse, instead of better. So I had high hopes that I’d call the repairman, he’d immediately fix the washing machine, and I’d be able to do the loads upon loads of laundry that I brought back from my trip…in advance of the next trip I have. On Tuesday. Ugh.

But anyway.

I have a Maytag stackable washer/dryer. So while I pictured the Maytag man of the commercials (who never has to work because the machines are so well made), it occurred to me that I should go through them to get the machine serviced. And that was the easy part – I logged into their website, found the section I needed, plugged in my model and serial number and scheduled an appointment.

Unfortunately, the appointment wasn’t as rewarding – the repairman was great. He showed up dead on time (12pm in a 12-3pm window I’d been given by phone), and checked out the machine in a few minutes. Of course, just his being there cost me $150 (painful), and then he figured out what the problem was.

I had feared that it was my fault, because I’d washed my comforter in there recently, and maybe caused a clog or imbalance in the machine. But fortunately, it wasn’t me (phew) – the timer on the machine is busted. The timer is what tells the machine that it’s full of water and to stop filling the basin. Since mine wasn’t working, it wasn’t really telling the machine to stop filling with water. Hence, the leaking.

So a new timer is what’s needed. Unfortunately, it’s one of the more expensive parts (though cheaper than replacing the whole thing), and the repairman didn’t have one on his truck. So it has to be ordered, the part shipped directly to me, and then I call him to set up an appointment to replace it. Only then do I get my washer back.

So despite spending most of today in bed or on the couch, I’ll be pulling myself up by my bootstraps tomorrow to head over to my parents’ to wash all my clothes. Good thing I just left them in my suitcase. It could be worse, I know. But it could be better. First world problems, right?

In the “Somedays I Just Can’t Win” Category…

20 02 2012

So last night, all I wanted to do was watch the last three episodes of Downton Abbey. The first one that I hadn’t seen was airing at 6pm, and of course, I forgot – but luckily, I’d already set the DVR. I thought I’d just run the steam mop around quickly (as I’d been in bed on and off until three with a terrible migraine) and then jump into watching the show.

That might have been what happened if my washing machine hadn’t gone on the fritz. And by “on the fritz,” I mean, leaking like a sieve when it’s running.

It’s awesome. No, really.

I noticed it when water was coming out of the bathroom as I was cleaning. Fortunately, the steam cleaner has a water vacuum function, and it wasn’t a lot of water. I couldn’t figure out why it was happening – I can tell that it’s coming from the drain hose and not the incoming water pipes (fortunately!), but I don’t know if it’s because the machine is unbalanced or because there’s an actual leak. There seemed to be some feathers in the water, so it might even be a clog from washing my comforter the other day.

I was just glad that I’d pretty much finished my laundry for my trip, so nothing else needed to be done. Since I’m trying to relax a little (and failing as I’m running around like a nut trying to finish everything up before I go), I decided to just leave the washer problem until I get back from my trip, and then have someone come to take a look at it.

So fine.

After all that hoopla, I did finally get to watch Downton, though I had to stay up until 1:30 to watch all of it. No problem, since I was off today anyway, with just a conference call scheduled for the afternoon, and having to run the pups over to camp this morning.

But of course, I couldn’t fall asleep until about 5am. That was awesome also. Then, I couldn’t stay asleep past nine, because I have a funny little muscle pull in my neck that kept me from getting comfortable. Okay, all manageable. I got up, got the boys to camp, worked, packed up the car, and did a few little other things around the house. I’ve made it my goal to finish all my DVR’d shows before I leave, since I want to free up space, so I thought I’d plunk down in front of the tv, relax with my boys and have a nice quiet night.

Of course, after I came down from putting my pj’s on, I went to sit on the couch (with it’s newly washed slipcover – the last thing to make it through the wash before the floods started)….and Barney had thrown up on it. Enough that it definitely had to go in the wash again.

So here I am, washing the slipcover, and battling the water…I’m pretty sure now that it IS a clog, because when I run the washer at what is normally it’s largest capacity, the water is filling up to the lid, and sloshing over the sides of the inner metal tub. Super.

And did I mention that my upstairs toilet is clogged again too for no apparent reason?

Could this possibly be related?

All I know is that I’m sticking with my plan…watching tv, snuggling with my pups…oh, and a little mopping. Let’s hope tomorrow is a smoother day!

Fixing a Sink Stopper

5 05 2010

This is another post without too many pictures, because I was assisting my dad with the project.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, when I was unclogging my drain, I somehow loosened the connector that attaches my sink stopper to the mechanism, and it fell into the drain. Drat.

I was all ready to run to Lowes and see if I could replace that part of it when my dad mentioned that it might be sitting in the U-pipe underneath my sink. He said to wait for him to give me a hand with it, in case I wasn’t able to tighten it enough back up and ended up with a leak. 

I mentioned it to him while we were working on our washer/dryer project, and he said he’d take a look.  I’ll point out that I didn’t have the proper tools for this project (which my dad pointed out to me), so I highly recommend making sure you do before undertaking it. 

He was able to loosen the U-pipe and take it off – you’ll want to have a bucket handy for this step, to catch any water sitting in the pipe.  Right there in the pipe was the connector – hooray!  That was the end of the easy part.

My sink is part of a vanity cabinet that the previous owner put in, and it makes it awkward to get to the back of it.  We first screwed the piece back onto the stopper and after various attempts to try to get it back onto the metal rod in the drain that is attached to the stopper handle, I got under the sink to pull back the rod with both hands while my dad maneuvered the piece back onto it in the sink.  Whew.  Then, he had to adjust (this is the part I couldn’t see) the rod attachment for the stopper under the sink to get it to open and close properly.  He said that in order to do it correctly, you would then tighten the nut that’s attached to the stopper inside the drain to keep it from moving.  We omitted this step, so I’ll have to keep an eye on whether the stopper is becoming unscrewed to keep this from happening again.

He then reattached the U-pipe and tightened it, and so far, no leaks.  I’m glad that the stopper is back in ther again so that I don’t have to worry about dropping things like my toothpaste cap into the sink and causing a clog!

Ah, all better!