The Handy Homeowner Girl

In August of 2008, I entered the world of homeownership, buying a townhouse in a coastal NJ town.  I thought I knew what I was getting into, but boy was I naive!

My first year has been filled with many adventures, some good (creating comfortable, beautiful living spaces) and some not-so-good (a crawl space flood in the middle of the night in December that began with me kneeling in about 18 inches of cold, dirty water and ended with no heat and a tearful phone call to my dad).  I’ve learned to mow my own lawn with a push mower to cries of “go woman, go!” from an obnoxious neighbor, how to un-clog a toilet when my common sense took a vacation and I flushed some paper towels, how to replace a broken toilet handle after jiggling the old one to fix the running cracked it, what tools are best for which jobs, why hooks should never just be nailed into a wall without a stud, the muscle pain of scraping wallpaper borders off the wall for hours, and most importantly, how the shortcuts of the previous homeowner have punished me over and over again with extra work and of course, extra bills.

Most days, it’s all worth it – there’s nothing like laying your head down on your pillow at night in your very own home or showing off your hard work to friends and family.  But there are always surprises, like having to replace my central air conditioner a few weeks ago to the tune of more than a whole mortgage payment.  You can never really exhale.

On this journey of single gal homeownership, I’ve gotten a LOT of help – from my parents, friends, the internet and sometimes just pure trial and error.  But there’s never been just one place I can look up some of my silliest questions – you know, the kind that keep you out of the local hardware store for fear of looking foolish in front of the salty old fisherman types who work there.  So I’ve decided to blog about my (mis)adventures in homeownership in the hopes that maybe my experiences can help somebody else.  Maybe you’re a single woman, renting or owning a home for the first time.  Maybe your husband, boyfriend or partner just works all the time, so all the home stuff falls on your shoulders.  Or maybe you’re just the handy one in the house.  Whatever the reason, I hope that my blog can become a resource for you, or at the very least, a great source of laughter.

Do try this at home!


6 responses

4 09 2009

SO GREAT to meet you via Looking Glass Lane. We are new homeowners too, so your blog is going to come in handy 😉
I’m going to become a fan of the handy homeowner girl on facebook right now.

All my best,

4 09 2009

I’m glad you’ve come over here to check out my blog! It’s been great to meet you through LGL too. I saw from your blog that you guys are new homeowners – good luck! Hopefully my blog can help!

Have a great holiday weekend!!

6 04 2010

I love your blog! This is amazing, you describe everything with such great care and your pictures go along with your steps perfectly!

Hope this finds you still enjoying home ownership!

– Lacey

19 01 2011
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Good info, Cheers.

18 06 2011
Curly Claire

I’m so delighted I stumbled across your blog this morning (while Googling “kitchen cabinet doors that don’t close properly”)! Last August, at the age of 43, I bought my first house . . . I was apartment dweller for 22 years. As another single gal owner, I totally appreciate your adventures (and misadventures) in home ownership! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

20 06 2011

Good for you! I’m glad you like the blog – I owe everyone some posts, but things have been a bit crazy for me with traveling for work and welcoming a new niece after a tough pregnancy for my sister. I promise to be writing more this week!

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