And it’s No Longer Funny…

29 03 2012

Surprisingly, my washing machine saga is NOT concluded today.

The repairman showed up at 8:20 (which I wasn’t expecting), and after a few minutes of tinkering declared that the washing machine had been repaired.

He came in with the timer, and after he left, I noticed that the timer in the box that he left behind looked awfully new. Hmm.

He also said to me “I’m surprised this wasn’t done already.” And I explained about the wrong timer being ordered – I think he was just trying to cover himself by pretending he didn’t know about that. I let it go.

So I was excited to get started on laundering all my clothes from traveling. I started with a cold wash with my jeans, and lo and behold, the washer leaked.

So do I believe that he “tested” the washing machine after “fixing” it? No, I do not.

I called them right away, and they’re sending someone out tomorrow morning. They had better think twice about charging me because I’m about thisclose to telling someone off. Not for nothing, but this has been an expensive process for me, and it should also have been a relatively simple one for them.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings…




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30 03 2012

Grrr – I HATE that!

Even more when they try to “girl talk” you like you’re too stupid to understand what they’re talking about.

(We recently had to have a repair done on “that house” and it was plumbing work. I had done it myself, but had a plumber from the company I always used check it to make sure it was done correctly. After we moved, this other guy came in for another repair, saw the plumbing and said “Who ever the idiot was that put this together should be sued!” I very nicely explained that the person paying him was the idiot and one of his co-workers signed off on the work…. I haven’t called them back for more service since.)

Stand over his shoulder tomorrow and make him nervous. 🙂

3 05 2012
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[…] often start with lines like this: “Surprisingly, my washing machine saga is NOT concluded […]

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