Painting the Hallway

20 09 2011

My mom says she’s created a monster with my sister and I, because we both have addictions to painting.  When I moved in, I painted everything in the house (except the trim) and read somewhere that you’re supposed to paint every two years (who has TIME for that??).  Even though I’m not planning to do anything of the sort, I did want to paint the hallway for two reasons – one, I wasn’t loving the color of it after I’d painting the closet and bedroom doors, and it looked so dingy next to the bright white and two, I have a basset hound who drools.  Ordinarily, the drool is caught by furniture in the way, which I can easily wipe off.  But in the hallway, it ends up on the walls, and no amount of scrubbing makes them look perfectly clean.  So it was time to paint!

I chose a color from a magazine that I thought was yellow.  It turns out it wasn’t.  It’s more like a very light tan, which was a bit depressing, as I realized that brown in the hallway makes it feel darker (there’s no natural light directly in the hallway).  But my mom convinced me that it does the job of brightening things up, and looks lovely and fresh.

I got through one can of paint before I realized I’d need a second, and lost my head of steam by the time I picked up the second can.  So this is all the progress I’ve made so far – I must try to finish this after my trip, or someone will see it before long!



After (still wet) - hard to tell that there's a difference at all, unless you see the two colors next to each other.

It does look yellow here!

In the last picture, you can see the difference between the two colors, and I admit that it does seem to brighten up the hallway – changing the CFL bulb in the one light fixture that I did paint up there to a regular “reveal” bulb from GE also made a HUGE difference.

So I’ve got to dig deep for my painting motivation and finish this up soon!




2 responses

20 09 2011
Nancy Myrland (@NancyMyrland)

I can tell it looks fresher Linds. I admire you for doing this. We painted everything when we first moved in 6 years ago, and could use it again. We have yellow paint all over the place. I also like your green in that one room. We have something similar to that in our bedroom. Before this house, everything was white because we were afraid to mess up color, but it makes a HUGE difference! Nice job 🙂

20 09 2011

Thanks Nancy! When I moved in, the whole house was an off-white – they were both smokers, and I think that covered up the smoking the best. So it was a necessity to paint, and I love lots of color. The eggplant color I have in my bedroom is my favorite 🙂 But I do love how color can change the room, and although it’s a lot of work to paint it, it’s one of the best ways I’ve found to change things without doing a major overhaul!

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