What’s Coming Up…

19 09 2011

As you know, I can never stop giving myself new projects.  I’ve got a few things floating around the house waiting for me – it’s starting to be my busy travel season, so small projects are good, since I can do one or two at a time while I’m home!

So what’s coming up…

  • Downstairs bathroom faucet: Even though the bathrooms have been updated within the last few years, I really don’t love them. However, since they’re in good shape and not dated, they’re not a priority to change.  They’re just not my style.  But recently, while on a trip to Lowes, I found a brushed bronze faucet deeply on sale, so I picked it up! So I’ll be learning some plumbing pretty soon and posting on that!
  • New Mailbox: My mailbox is old and looks it.  So I recently picked up a brand new one – nothing fancy, for the first time, the one I really liked was the most inexpensive! I’ve put lovely big numbers on the side, and the only thing holding me back from putting it outside is that the old mailbox is rusted to the stand.  So I’ve got to put a little elbow grease into that.
  • Light Fixture: As I mentioned in my last post, I still have one light fixture that needs to be taken down and spray painted.  Hopefully I can get to that soon!
  • Fan: I also want to get my attic fan (the part in the house) taken down to be cleaned and spray painted.  It’s off-white like everything else in this house, and it needs updating!
  • Sealing the deck: Hopefully we’ll have some non-rainy days coming up so I can get my deck finished in time for the winter!
  • Winterizing: It will start to be that time of year soon where I’ll want to winterize my house and garden.  Time flies!
  • Orchid: My newest orchid needs transplanting, which I’ve been meaning to do for a few weeks. I’ve GOT to get that done!
  • Doorbell: I picked up a new doorbell, again the brushed bronze that I love, so I’ve got to install that.  It’s a hardwired doorbell, so that will be a little bit of electrical work which will be new to me.  I actually picked up a doorbell that I liked better first, but it’s just a little bit too big for the spot that the other doorbell is in.  Which reminds me – I need to return that!
And of course, I need to do things like finish painting the hallway and the upstairs closets and trim.  Hopefully my back will start to feel better soon so I can manage to lift those doors! The other reason that I’ve delayed that is because the office and my bedroom all have a lot of heavy furniture in front of the trim, so I’ll have to be moving a LOT of things to paint it!
I also want to work on figuring out how to stretch and fixed the bubbled carpet in my bedroom, and find out whether I can order a replacement piece for the window whose sealant has broken upstairs (the window is all fogged up. Much like my downstairs ones, but those need to be totally replaced).  Again, never a dull moment around here!



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