A Deck Project – Staining the Deck

13 09 2011

As I mentioned, I used a couple of my vacation days to stain my back deck.  I’d gotten the deck power washed by my dad, and planned to stain and seal the deck over four days.  Of course, the hurricane put a damper on my plans, so I only got the staining done.  I’ve still got to photograph the full finished deck, but I’ll show you the progress I have photographed!

I decided to start by staining the railings.  In reading the can of stain, I saw that they suggested if you are using more than one can of stain, you should mix them together in a bucket to keep the color consistent.  I figured it would be one can for the railings and one can for the deck itself, so I didn’t bother to do that.  I did pour the first can in a bucket, and used a large paint brush to brush it on – a note here – since the stain is oil based, it is recommended that you get a brush that is used with oil-based products.  I believe mine was, though I can’t be sure.

I also recommend getting a lot of latex gloves – staining is SO unbelivably messy, so it’s helpful to have some gloves to protect your hands. Then you can pull them off if your phone rings and you want to answer it!

Here’s what I started with:

As you can see, the deck is in good shape – it just needs some TLC to make sure that it stays that way.  Plus, I wanted to give it a little color, so I went with a semi-solid stain in redwood.

First side of the railings done!

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? And it really shows off the green lattice work too. I had to unscrew that from the deck to stain the railings behind them, which was a bit of a pain and resulted in some of the stain ending up on the lattice work (because I couldn’t fully remove the pieces because of the ivy), but overall, it looks good.

The other side of the deck


Here you can really see the contrast between the stain and the old deck


Barney wasn't too sure about all the work on the deck - particularly when he wasn't allowed out there when I did the deck itself!


Another view of the railings

So the staining is done, but the sealing isn’t yet – I’ve got to wait for it to stop raining all the time and for the deck to dry out! That being said, the stain does appear to be a bit water resistant, so it’s good from that perspective. I just want to seal it to make sure it’s fully protected.  I’m very happy with it though!




2 responses

14 09 2011
Nancy Myrland (@NancyMyrland)

What a difference that makes Linds! That’s a home improvement well worth the investment of time and challenge.

15 09 2011

I agree – it looks like a whole new deck. I still can’t believe it every time I walk outside!

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